Cranberry Bliss Bars?!

Alright guys first post of the new blog and I thought I would choose something what is so blissful. PRESENTING!…Starbucks Dupe Cranberry Bliss Bars . This recipe is about a beginner to intermediate level and it does take a long period of time for them to come out the way you want it to. If you’re just like me you want these babies all year round its like a sweet addiction you can’t kick. Even if you don’t like cranberries I suggest you try it at least once I promise you won’t regret it! When I made this sweet thangs I didn’t expect them to taste almost EXACTLY like the ones you get in Starbucks (at least this way its alot cheaper than buying them from Starbucks as well). I added almonds to the bar and frosting itself just for a bit more crunch. Those white chocolate chips as well give that sweet chocolaty surprise and you can melt come white chocolate chips as well and drizzle it over the bars when they are completely cooled. I will link the the website that I tried this recipe from I encourage you to try it as well! Good Luck 🙂

Cranberry Bliss Bars


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